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In light of recent developments in the COVID-19 crisis, and following the address to the nation by the Prime Minister on the evening of 23rd March, the Auto-Cycle Union has today extended its suspension of all organising permits for motorcycle events until at least 31st May but will be constantly reviewed.
Date Event

Monday 13th


1st Beginners & Wobblers Trial

Sunday 19th


Open Motocross with NGR riders


==== N E W S ====

The 83rd SIDCUP SIXTY TRIAL Sunday 19th January

Sponsored by Inta Motorcycles of Maidstone
A round of the 2020 ACU South Eastern Trials Championship
for all solo classes, Adult and Youth.
Final Results are HERE Section details are HERE Pictures are HERE

Sidcup's dates for 2020 are now under the Dates tag above

SEMX Numbers

2020 SEMX Personal race numbers available opens January 1st 2020
You can reserve your Race number for SE Centre events on-line!!

If you have spent good money on graphics and raceshirts it makes sense to spend £10 to keep

your number at SEMX meetings all year. You must have a current ACU licence before you start!!

Check out which numbers are available HERE
If you purchased your number for 2019 it will be highlighted in blue and will not be resold to another rider until Febuary 1st 2020.

Goto: either login or register if you are new member.

Search For An Event > select Southeast Centre >

Look for: South Eastern Centre Motocross Number Scheme.

Iit will be at the end of the list as it expires Dec 31st 2020.

Choose Expert (to be verified by ACU) or Junior, Experts can be numbers 1-50, Juniors can be 51-999

Check your details are correct, especially email and phone as we will not be able to contact you if your preferred has already gone. You can ammend details on the page. Make Payment (£10) You can check if your application is accepted within a couple of days by logging back in and checking all current entries.

You will also recieve an email notification if the email is correct.
Check numbers available HERE

The 83rd Sidcup Sixty Trial 2020 Adult and Youth solo riders of all grades
Final Results are HERE Section details are HERE Pictures are HERE


The 30th Jack Thompson Classic Bikes Trial

Sunday 1st December
FINAL Results are HERE Section details are HERE Pictures HERE

2019 Sidcup Members Motocross Championship
FINAL positions are HERE

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