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Sunday 5th April 2009

South Eastern Centre MX Championship (SEMX) Round 1 : For Experts and Juniors. Round 2 of the Maxxis British Sidecarcross Championship

Spectator admission is £7 for adults with free parking and program

Practice 9:00am, Racing starting approximately 11:00am - Note this 1/2 hour earlier than normal!

There is usually a K & S Racing trade stand and a catering van

Please note this will be the first meeting using transponders, please check over at the SEMX for details of how to buy your own. If you have your own please make sure you told us your transponder number!

If you have any queries. questions, tranponder numbers, etc then ring John on 07794157389 (9am - 10pm).


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By Chris Helm

Maxxis British Sidecarcross Championships Round 2

The second round of the 2009 Maxxis sidecarcross championships took place yesterday at the Sidcup club’s spectacular Canada Heights track in Kent. Not only was the track well prepared but the club also managed to arrange fine weather with plenty of spring sunshine throughout the day.

Racing got under way slightly before 11.00 hrs but the ambitious 15 race programme meant that the final race results of the day were not available until 18.30 hrs by which time the majority of the sizeable crowd had left and were queuing to join the M25 motorway.

The first leg of the three sidecar races was led up the start straight by Lyne / Kirwin, Hyde / Harris and Oldfield / Kinge with Brown / Peters just behind. By the time the riders came into view at the far end of the track Brown had taken the lead with Lyne second and the Millard brothers third. Hyde was in fourth but as the race progressed he was overtaken by the more experienced riders and finally finished in 13th place – still a very commendable performance for such a young crew. At the front Brown soon opened up a gap from Lyne who in turn was under serious pressure from Millard.

After 12 minutes Lyne had managed to pull away from Millard and looked safe in second place. Further down the field there was a real battle taking place between Blackman / Baughan, Topp / Geraghty and Jenkins / Chamberlain. Jenkins had been ahead of them both until an incident on lap four dropped them back to 13th. These three remained nose to tail for the rest of the race.

At the flag Brown was the winner from Lyne with Millard third.

Race two was headed by Lyne in to the first corner from Oldfield, Millard and Brown but by halfway round the first lap Brown was in front with Lyne second and Millard third. Oldfield was overtaken by Bradford on lap two and soon became involved in a four way battle involving Jenkins, Breacher and Topp. This was resolved in Breacher’s favour just after half distance from Jenkins and Oldfield. Topp was overtaken by Jarvis who had worked his way up to 10th place having started in approx 20th.

Brown took the flag from Lyne with Millard third. Jarvis finally made it up to 7th place at the flag.

The final race of the day was probably the best with a standout ride by the Millards. Lyne led this one from Oldfield, Bradford and Brown with the Millards just behind. At the far end of the track the Millards got tangled up and were quickly relegated to last but one. Incredibly by the end of the second lap they were up to 11th and by lap four they were closing on Jarvis, Keane and Breacher. By this time Brown was in the lead with Lyne second and Oldfield third. After 15 minutes Jarvis had passed Oldfield but he now had Millard in his wheel tracks. Three laps from the flag Millard took Jarvis but although he did close the gap a bit on Lyne finally had to settle for third.

The overall win on the day went to Brown with three wins from Lyne and Millard. Brown now leads the championship after two rounds from Lyne and the Millards have moved up from 16th to 3rd.

The next round of the championship is in seven days time on Easter Monday at the Frome clubs Asham woods track.  First race starts at 12.30 hrs

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