REVISED Calendar 2020

Sunday 2nd
Sidcup members Trials PracticeOpen to full Sidcup members ONLY
Sunday 16th AugustSidcup members Motocross Practice Open to full Sidcup members ONLYFULL
Sunday 30th AugusTSidcup members Enduro Practice Open to full Sidcup members ONLYOPEN SOON
Sunday 1st
Dick Dickenson Trial
for the Simmons Cup
Open to members
of NKTC clubs
Sunday 15th
Beginners & Wobblers TrialACU members
and non-members
No advance entry
just turn up
enter and ride!
Sunday 6th
The 31st Jack Thompson
Classic Bikes Trial
Open to all ACU members
Sunday 17th
January 2021
The 84rd Sidcup Sixty TrialOpen to all ACU members