August Closed to Club 2001


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By Michael Mead (from Chemlsford & DAC website)

On the 12 August we were back at Canada Heights yet again for a Sidcup & D.M.C.C. 'closed to club' practice day. We were hoping to solve our oiling up problem, but we only managed to improve the situation and not actually cure it. The practice sessions were half and hour long and we ended up having three of them. We only managed about four laps of the first session before pulling into the pits. A bit of work followed, namely changing our carburettor slide, changing to a softer spark plug, bypassing the oil cooler and converting the rocker feed back to standard. This definitely made things better as we kept going for about fifteen minutes having a play race with mum and dad. The outfit was starting to lose power and pop a bit so we stopped and changed the plug - but then we couldn't get it started. I thought this was due to being low on petrol as we were sloping downhill and the little petrol that was in the tank was running away from the tap.

We couldn't get it started for the last session (bumping as the kickstart had snapped), so we hi-jacked mum and dad's outfit for about fifteen minutes, though after we handed it back they only managed another lap as the battery was going flat (are we jinxed?) as it had done a lot of work. Our problem ended up being a rather damaged rocker arm and bent pushrod, due, we think, to me getting the rocker arm welded where the valve lifter touches it and we think it lost its hardness (it said it was all right to do it in the book!).

As Lofty mentioned in last month's Chainletter, we were made a very generous offer by Alan Clark of B.S.A./CCM engine spares including, amongst other things, a works cylinder head once used by Vic Eastwood, which we are collecting this week. It may even make the outfit a race winner, though I think it will take a bit more than that to make the driver a race winner.