August Closed to Club 2006

Closed to Club Weekend (Trial, Enduro, Moto X Practice)

Sunday 27th and Bank Holiday Monday 28th August

Sidcup Club's annual "Closed to Club" weekend for Club members only. Sunday is a three-hour enduro from 11:30am, followed by a Trial. A barbecue for riders and friends ends the day socially. Monday is a Trial at 10:30am followed by Moto-Cross Practice - until riders are exhausted. Signing on from 9:30am on both days. Regs are in the August issue of the club magazine (The Compass), but you can enter on the day.

Enduro Results

Page 1 Here (PDF) - Expert and Clubman

Page 2 Here (PDF) - Sportsman and Sidecar

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A note from secretary of the meeting Peter Burrell :

If when you unloaded your van or car you discovered a milk crate containing two 5-litre plastic cans of petrol, a chainlube aerosol and three empty water bottles, you must have picked them up in error at the end of the enduro. Please phone Peter Burrell on 020 8300 5572 to arrange for them to be returned to me, the rightful owner.


Enduro Report

By Colin Spicer (who rode with Barry Pike) - from the TBM Forum

We took the sidecar out for the first time since my little toe incident. A local club enduro at Canada heights, There were two sidecars entered, neither crew very experienced.

As our minute ticked over I stalled the engine, it restarted and the event started by loosing 20 seconds.

The course was a 200 yard run on straight flat grass leading into the trees. We then went up and down the bank several times and through a bomb hole or two. The second of descents was the worst, a 20 foot drop at about 60 degrees followed by A sharp turn around a tree then weave between trees for the remainder of the bank. The drop was ok and achieved by both of us hanging off of the right side of the outfit and dragging a locked rear wheel over the crest.

The rest or the lap was a run through another wood a blast around a grass field, a wooded climb a couple of bomb holes followed by most of the moto x circuit. The lap went reasonably well, the schedule was for three laps in 60 minutes. We had completed the first in about 30 mins, and the rear brake failed after about ¼ lap.

The other outfit suffered a clutch failure on the wooded climb on the first lap, it was looking good for a class win. We started the second lap, clipped our time card and headed for the woods. When we got to the second drop without a rear brake, we rolled over the top very slowly trying to brake and steer with the front wheel. The front wheel was not capable of both and it became clear that we weren't going to make the turn. This only option was to release the brake to get some steering which worked well but came with the unwanted side effect of a substantial increase in speed. We managed to weave through a couple of trees but it was clear we weren't going to make it to the bottom. I spotted a couple of saplings followed by a more substantial tree. The idea of the saplings breaking our fall worked a bit but we still hit the tree with enough force to bend a frame tube and split one of the welds.

After a few seconds both of us were ok, we extracted the outfit from the tree and cautiously made our way to the bottom of the bank. 10 minutes later heart rates had settled and an inspection of the sidecar indicated that it could continue. We finished the lap without further incident overtaking some solos on the motocross track which was slippery with deep mud. Solos can struggle in deep mud but the sidecar will generally blast through if the throttle is kept open.

We stopped for fuel after the second lap, by now it had taken us 70 mins to do 2 laps which should have been completed in 40.

We left the pit for lap three which went well we bypassed the hazardous second drop and completed the lap in 25 mins, rode straight through for our forth lap which was going well until we got a puncture 2/3 of the way round this wrecked the tyre and we had to retire.

Still we both enjoyed the day and I can still count to 19 3/4 without removing my underwear.

Enduro Info

Working party to set up the course on saturday afternoon from around 2pm (help would be greatly appreciated). The event will be a very easy Time card enduro, aimed at newbies. You can enter on MX, Trials or Enduro bikes!


Status - CLUB MEMBERS ONLY - if you want to ride join the club (see our membership page) before the event, no membership applications on the day

Enduro - Great event for beginners, only 3 hours long - "do able" on any sort of (solo) machine - we've had trials bikes, trail bikes, supermotos, MX (including twinshocks), etc, etc. We'll need some help on the saturday setting out the course (from Midday) - at least 3km plus of mx track, grass and woodlands.

BBQ - bring your own alcohol, some meat will be provided

MX Practice - Everyone will need to bring a marshal to ride

Trial - A route of mark your own sections will be set out - rideable on both days (after the enduro has finished on the saturday)

Spectator admission is free