August Closed to Club MX

Sunday 15th August 2004

Please note the date change - it is now Sunday 15th NOT 22nd (as Crawley are running a Motocross that day)

Photos has 262 photos here (offsite) and some preview photos are here (on this site) has photos here

Page 1 of photos by Jamie Clarke

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The resutls are here

There are a lot of holes in the name column as I didn't have the signing on sheets - If anyone can fill in any of the blanks please email me

Pre Event Info

This was a new idea for 2003, to have a closed to club race and for 2004 we will be spitting the Closed to Club weekend (people were to knackered to do the MX the next day) so you can do both. There will be one meeting in June and this one in August.

It will be for club members only but you can still join the club before the weekend for half year subs (see membership).

More details to follow in the Club Magazine.

The aim is for people on Pre 65s, Twin Shocks, Sidecars, Enduro and MX bikes will be able to have a go.

NB you'll need to be 15+.