July MX

Sunday 6th July 2008

Round 6 of the Ian Durston Plant Services British Sidecarcross Championship.

South Eastern Centre MX Championship (SEMX) Round 6 : For Experts, also non championship Juniors.

Spectator admission is £7 for adults with free parking and program

Practice 9:00am, Racing starting approximately 11:00am - Note this 1/2 hour earlier than normal!

There is usually a K & S Racing trade stand and a catering van


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Report 1 - By Chirs Helm

Round 6 of the 2008 championship was held at the Sidcup club’s excellent Canada Heights circuit and proved once again to be a happy hunting ground for Stuart Brown, now reunited with his regular passenger Luke Peters, winning all three races and extending his lead in the championship to 66 points with two rounds to go.

In conditions that could hardly be described as summery with a keen wind and occasional squally rain showers the first race got under way with Brown gaining the holeshot from Dan & Joe Millard just ahead of John Lyne / Peter Girling. The current second placed crew of Scott Wilkinson / Gary Burt got a poor start and were back in the middle of the pack. Brown quickly opened up a gap between himself and Millard whilst Lyne started to close in on the West Country brothers. After 10 minutes Brown was comfortably clear at the front with Millard second under increasing pressure from Lyne and Eastman / Kirwin in fourth but being closed down by Wilkinson. On the next lap Wilkinson was up to fourth and on the lap after Lyne finally managed to pass Millard. The front five remained in this order to the flag.

The second leg was led up the start straight by the Millards from Brown with Wilkinson in third place. Eastman and Lyne both got tangled up at the start and were in the bottom half of the field. Millard held the lead for the first two laps but having re- taken the lead once after Brown had got past was eventually demoted to second place on lap 3. By this time Lyne had passed Eastman and they were now both in the top 10 but they were right in the middle of a superb scrap involving 9 bikes. On lap 5 Wilkinson had closed right up on Millard and on lap 6 he was past. By this stage Eastman had got past Lyne and was now up to 6th but on the penultimate lap Lyne got past again and on the very last lap Lyne passed Topp / Geraghty to take fourth. Brown took the win from Wilkinson with Millard third.

The final race of the day was headed by Brown from Kinge, Lyne, Eastman & Millard. Wilkinson’s luck was out at the start of this race as he was very nearly tipped over on the first bend and came round in 22nd place. After two laps Lyne was up to 2nd place but Kinge, Eastman & Millard were nose to tail behind him. Wilkinson was having to work extremely hard to come through the field and by half distance hadn’t managed to get into the top ten. Over the last four laps his experience told and he managed to get up to 6th place at the flag. The front five remained unchanged for the rest of the race.

Brown now heads the championship by 66 points from Wilkinson with the Millards in 3rd place just one point in front of Lyne. The penultimate round of the championship is on 27th July at Wrangway where Brown will be hoping to clinch the championship with one round still to go.

Report 2 - By ? - From TMX 09/07/2008

Dazzling Heights!

THIS week the Ian Durston Plant Services British Sidecarcross Championship moved to round six at Canada Heights. Although there was some rain on the day, track conditions were good, however the sand cut into deep ruts making it hard doing for the teams. It was great to see Luke Peters back on the sidecar with Stuart Brown, and with three good wins, the injuries picked up at the start of the season seem to be in the past!

The first race stared with an early lead for Brown and Peters, holding a good advantage throughout. Behind, Dan Millard and Joe Millard held second with Scott Balsillie and Neal Bann close behind until their electrics expired leaving them track side. This left John Lyne and Pete Girling third and battling to get ahead, with Scott Wilkinson and Gary Burt in fourth racing closely with Andy Eastman and Steve Kirwin. Lyne and Girling stayed on the Millard brothers rear wheel, trying to find a way past on the narrow bends, eventually blasting ahead. Wilkinson and Burt recovered from a slow start to challenge the Millards and take third. Behind, Eastman and Kirwin stayed close but settled for fifth ahead of Andy Breacher and Adam Hillyard.

In Race two the Millard brothers headed the battle into the first bend with Brown and Peters close, they fought hard for the first lap until Brown took the advantage and pulled out a safe lead going on to take their second win of the day. Wilkinson and Burt were behind, taking a few laps to blast through to second after the Millards stalled the engine in one of the tight corners. The Millards held third with Rob Topp and Mike Geraghty close in fourth.

At the back both Eastman and Lyne had problems in the first few bends, they fought through the field ending with a three way battle in the final few laps for fourth place. Lyne and Girling managed to fight ahead with Topp and Geraghty managing to hold off Eastman and Kirwin.

The final race of saw Brown and Peters leaving nothing to chance. They took the lead into bend one and pulled out a long lead with the main battle behind. Mark and Gary Kinge held second off the start line, with Lyne and Girling managing to recover from a first bend incident which left Wilkinson and Burt in the fence with Breacher and Hillyard. Lyne and Girling fought past the Kinge brothers to take second.

Eastman and Kirwin fought to stay ahead of the Millard brothers who stayed close in fifth. Wilkinson and Burt recovered from their problems to take sixth, just getting past Topp and Geraghty in the final part of the race.

So at the end of another great days racing. Brown still holds the championship lead with Wilkinson holding second and the Millards now in third. The next round is at Wrangway in Somerset on the July 27. Lyne, Kinge, and Eastman will be fighting to get back into the top three, expect the action to be electric!


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