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Above : The track from the air at the 2003 Early Birds (Photo by Andy Burt)

The course at Swanley, Kent known as Canada Heights, acquired its name during the 1914-18 War when a large contingent of Canadian troops were camped there on the high ground. It has, however been in regular use for off-road motorcycle sports for many years, and by the Sidcup and District Motorcycle Club since 1938.

Over the years, the circuit has hosted many events, from Club level to International status. It drew large crowds and national television coverage with the BBC "Grandstand Trophy" events during the 1960s.

Despite its popularity and regular use by riders and spectators alike, it still remained just a rough piece of land for motorcycling until 1985, when the Sidcup Club bought it with the aid of a Sports Council grant and sponsorship from companies and individuals. Once purchased, the Club members set about transforming the whole area. Access roads were laid to improve entry for spectators; the tangled undergrowth was cleared to provide better parking and viewing. Then the exciting new track was created. During the recent years, the land has been dramatically improved, but never at the expense of the beautiful countryside and wildlife. The land has been properly managed, with many new trees planted as the Club continues to develop the "South’s Most Spectacular Circuit".

Above : The track from the air at the 2000 Early Birds

The Sidcup Club is extremely proud of its asset and encourages its use by the Police for officers motorcycle training, walkers, horse riders, the Scouts, mountain bikers and others who love the countryside but are not involved in motorcycle sport. The track itself is spectacular and demanding. It brings out the very best in moto-cross riders allowing them to use every ounce of riding and athletic skills. Its popularity is seen by full entry lists for all our events and good crowds to see the action.

On site there is water available from standpipes (available at most major meetings) and plentiful camping space. Catering is provided by the Weaver Brothers who attend all our events. Toilets are also available at all our events.

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